Better Education Better Care

Written by Loredana Simulescu and Marieke Meijer (BioMed Alliance)

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A myriad of biomedical innovations has been developed and has advanced new ways to prevent, diagnose and control diseases. Biomedical science is an ever-changing field and evolves rapidly. Thus, in order to translate state-of-the-art medical breakthroughs into clinical practice, doctors must keep their knowledge up to date and sharpen their skills through continuing medical education and training.  High quality continuing medical education therefore allows doctors to apply the latest medical information and developments in patient care.

Medical associations have traditionally played an important role in providing education to doctors through e.g. congresses, guidelines, peer-reviewed journals and e-learning. Knowledge-based medical associations are well suited to provide a wide-range of education opportunities by drawing from the expertise of broad networks of professionals and researchers. These associations uphold the highest ethical principles and values such as objectivity and transparency and rely on scholars’ expertise to provide the highest scientific and medical standards and evidence based scientific progress, in order to enhance patients’ care.

The BioMed Alliance represents 30 leading European research and medical societies and has recently issued a cartoon to raise awareness on the importance of high quality and unbiased Continuing Medical Education (CME). The short video explains in a clear and accessible way how medical associations contribute to providing high quality education and why this is of vital importance to patients. The cartoon highlights that education provided by medical associations is based on the expertise of networks of experts. It is vital that these organisations are able to continue this important mission and that education remains impartial and based on the most relevant and reliable scientific information.

Better Education Better CareBioMed Alliance Members have produced a cartoon highlighting the importance of high-quality and unbiased continuing medical education for medical professionals.

The cartoon is available here:

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