Tom Edwardson

Senior Scientist, ETH Zurich

About Tom Edwardson

Tom Edwardson comes from Scotland, where he started academic life studying chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. After completing a PhD in the area of DNA Nanotechnology at McGill University, Canada, he moved to Switzerland as a Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP) postdoctoral fellow at the ETH Zurich. His postdoctoral research was focused on the engineering of nonviral protein cages for encapsulation and cellular delivery of diverse cargo molecules. Tom is currently senior scientist at ETH Zurich, and founder of Procavea Biotech, which develops innovative molecular delivery solutions to enable both RNA and small molecule medicines and address unmet clinical needs. In recognition of the potential impact of its technology platform, Procavea recently received the Swiss Technology Award.

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Biotechnology Chemical Biology Drug Design Protein Chemistry Protein Engineering Protein Structure/Modifications Regulation of Gene Expression RNA RNAi Synthetic Biology

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Switzerland (LS2)

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Postgraduate training Scientific communication Scientific entrepreneurship

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