Thibaut Coustillet (He/Him)

Bioinformatics engineer , Université Paris Cité | T3S Team

About Thibaut Coustillet

After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in biology and mathematics in 2019 at Sorbonne University (France), I completed a Master's degree in bioinformatics in 2021 at Sorbonne University in the area of systems biology. I am interested in mathematical modeling of biological phenomena as well as data analysis and algorithm design.

Research Interest

Biotechnology Computational Biology Pharmacology and Toxicology Physiology Systems Biology

FEBS Constituent Society

France (SFBBM)

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How can artificial intelligence contribute to explaining biological mechanisms by which an environmental chemical may cause health disorders?

The adverse – often silent – exposures we undergo throughout our lives can lead to the development of health disorders. Let’s dive into the world of bioinformatics and algorithms to explore how these approaches can contribute to untangle the underlying pathways between the exposure and the disease.

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