Marjolein Schaap

Research Programme Manager - Research Careers & Talent Team, Cancer Research UK
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  • United Kingdom
Leo Kurian

Group Leader, Institute for Neurophysiology/ Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne/CECAD, University of Cologne, Germany

Our lab is interested in understanding the basic molecular rules by which a cell defines and maintains its identity and function. Our main focus is on understanding the molecular basis of programming and reprogramming of cell-fate decisions during embryogenesis, homeostasis, and aging. Additionally, we focus on devising molecular strategies to ‘hack’ these genetic networks that program cell-fates to induce regenerative responses upon injury.
Christian Frezza

Professor of metabolomics in ageing, CECAD, University of Cologne

Our lab uses genetically modified mouse models and a combination of cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry techniques to study the role of altered mitochondrial dysfunction and metabolism in human diseases. A primary analytical tool of the group is metabolomics, which enables the parallel quantification of hundreds of small molecule metabolites. The team also uses computational approaches to integrate datasets from multi-dimensional analyses, including metabolomics, proteomics, and transcriptomics, with the aim to model aging-related disorders and to generate mechanistic hypotheses that will be cross validated experimentally.