Marija Lončarić (She/Her)

PhD student, Ruđer Bošković Institute
Vlastimil Kulda

Dr., Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University

Sophie Bromberger

PhD Student, Medical University of Vienna

Marianna Skipitari

Postdoctoral Researcher, Karolinska Institutet

Adrianna Budzinska

PhD student, Adam Mickiewicz University

Currently working with endothelial cells and their oxidative metabolism adaptations. Beside telling you about that I may also show you photos of my cat, Kira 🐱❤️
Srdjana Djordjievski

PhD Student, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Currently working on experiments according to honey bees and their longevity, and how to affect it. Interested in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.
ÖGMBT-YLSA (Young Life Scientists Austria)

Young Life Scientists Austria, ÖGMBT-YLSA

ÖGMBT-YLSA is the Junior Section of the Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology (ÖGMBT). It was set up in 2016 to support the career development and networking opportunities of students and young researchers in the molecular life sciences in Austria. ÖGMBT-YLSA organise and deliver their own activities under the supervision of their Society and all members of the Junior Section are members of ÖGMBT. ÖGMBT-YLSA are also part of the FEBS Junior Section. To find out more about ÖGMBT-YLSA read their overview post and check out the online talks and other activities they deliver, accesible from the 'Popular contributions' section below.
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