European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN-ERIC)

Jan Rozman

Deputy Director Czech Centre for Phenogenomics, Institute of Molecular Genetics CAS

Yulong Alex Sun

Research Associate, Durham University

I am a supramolecular polymer chemist and my researches focus on biomedical engineering including drug delivery system (nanovalves), nanosensor, nanophotonics, tribology and cell mechanics.

Harrie Elzinga

Marketing Communication Consultant, TIC Marketing Communication

My name is Harrie Elzinga, and I am an international Marketing-Communication project manager with a professional background in life sciences, publishing, communication and internet industry. I have a valuable international experience in marketing communication projects, drafting targeted communication plans, stakeholder mapping, internet sites and apps development, digital marketing and operational marketing-communications.

My aim is a 360-degrees approach from the creation of the marketing-communication plan, to the stakeholders mapping and the operational execution of for example rebranding, market research, establishing partnerships, copy writing, translating, media creation and planning, etc.. I speak four languages (Dutch, Eng, Fr, Ger), I am internationally focussed, and send me a PM to discuss further on marketing-communications projects. My recent missions are among other:

- ECRIN, Paris (France), Marketing-Communication Consultant (
- EU-AMRI, Marketing-Communication & Public Affairs (
- BBMRI-ERIC, Graz (Austria), on the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for projects as Corbel, EOSC-Life, EUCanConnect, EUCanShare and Ri-Vis

Adam Frtus

PhD. student, Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences