Ángela Martín-Serrano Ortiz

Postdoctoral Researcher, Universidad de Alcalá

Roberto Contestabile

Full Professor of Molecular Biology, Sapienza University of Rome

My research activity has mainly concerned pyridoxal phosphate-dependent enzymes and vitamin B6 metabolism in bacteria and humans. Concerning PLP-dependent enzymes, I have dealt with their catalytic mechanism, catalytic promiscuity and evolution of catalytic activities, the design and experimentation of specific inhibitors, the mechanism of addition of PLP to apoenzymes and the folding mechanism. At the moment, I am mainly focused on the regulation of PLP biosynthesis and salvage pathways in bacteria and humans. In particular, I am interested in enzyme regulation mechanisms and transcriptional regulation, in the mechanism of PLP transfer to apoenzymes and in neurological disorders related to PLP metabolism. I teach Biochemistry, Biochemical Methods and Enzymology in Biological Sciences, Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology courses at Sapienza University.
Özgün Özalp

Postdoctoral Fellow , University of Zurich


Student , University of Toronto

Luigi Michele Pavone

Associate Professor of Biochemistry, University of Naples Federico II

Anne Graham

Professor of biochemistry, University of Bradford

Muhammad Zohaib Anjum

PhD student, University of Sargodha

Didem Karakas Zeybek

Assistant Professor, Istinye University

Omar Abu Abed

Assistant Professor, Hebron

Nina Trubitsina

PhD student, Saint Petersburg State University

Pavel Spirin

PhD, Engelhardt institute of Molecular biology


research assistant/PhD, Firat University

Nazende Nur AKSİT

PhD, Abdullah Gul University

Isidora Starovlah

PhD student, Teaching asistent, Faculty of Sciences University of Novi Sad

Jiří Funda

PhD student, Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences

Ioanna Maria Gkotinakou

PhD student, Faculty of Medicine, University of Thessaly, Larisa

Elena Maksimova

PhD student, Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute


PhD, Asist. Prof., Istinye University

Anna Grebinyk

PhD student, Technical University of Applied Scinces Wildau