Luis R. Saraiva

Principal Investigator - Associate Level, Sidra Medicine

About Luis R. Saraiva

I lead the Laboratory of Neurometabolism and Functional Genomics at Sidra Medicine, Qatar. Our laboratory deploys and/or develops biological assays to unravel molecular mechanisms underlying specific neural and metabolic processes, aiming to understand how genetic variation can lead to their dysfunction and ultimately disease. In this context, we have a strong interest in the sense of smell, the role it plays in determining our food preferences, and how diets and internal homeostatic states affect olfactory perception. In our research, we collaborate with clinicians and employ an integrative strategy combining a wide range of established techniques (e.g., molecular biology, genetics, and behavior) with omics technologies (e.g., genomics and transcriptomics), and resorting to the genetic manipulation of both cell and animal models. Ultimately, we aim to advance basic science and translate our findings into new diagnostic and personalized treatment options for patients affected by neurological, endocrine and metabolic diseases. To learn more about us visit our twitter page or our website.

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Animal Model Computational Biology Evolution Metabolism Molecular Medicine Neuroscience Physiology Systems Biology

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Portugal (SPB)

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