Wellcome's Infectious Disease Award

Wellcome has a funding call to help understand dengue and Zika spread, immunity and clinical outcomes. The team must include expertise in whole genome sequencing and analysis. The preliminary application deadline is 25 June 2024.
Wellcome's Infectious Disease Award

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This information was initially shared on Wellcome's website.

This funding call will support multidisciplinary teams to generate evidence on where dengue and Zika viruses co-circulate and investigate the implications this has on host immune responses and clinical outcomes. Research funded through this award will support global efforts to understand and predict the spread of these pathogens, especially where data are limited. Funded projects will also help to design and implement future interventions to reduce dengue and Zika’s growing burden and impact on health.

  • Lead applicant career stage: Mid-career researcher, Established researcher
  • Administering organisation location: Anywhere in the world (apart from mainland China)
  • Funding amount: Up to £5 million per award
  • Funding duration: Between 3 to 5 years

The team must: 

  • Contain expertise in whole genome sequencing and analysis, and at least one of the following disciplines: epidemiology, immunology or public health.  
  • Have a lead applicant or coapplicant, from an African or Asian country that is currently experiencing a dengue and Zika outbreak or has experienced an outbreak in the past.

Please visit Wellcome's website for more details on eligibility, team requirements, and application process.

Preliminary application deadline is 25 June 2024.

Photo by Mithil Girish on Unsplash

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