The impact of the pandemic on cancer charities and research funding

The COVID‐19 outbreak has affected cancer research and cancer care. European cancer charities need to reconsider strategies for safeguarding income and supporting cancer researchers, in times when sustaining cancer research funding is more crucial than ever.
The impact of the pandemic on cancer charities and research funding

In Europe, cancer charities provide funds for cancer research, in addition to their roles in supporting patients more directly. But, how have charities that support cancer research funding been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? What challenges are they currently being faced with, and what strategies will help them to survive within a pandemic‐disrupted cancer research – cancer care ecosystem?

Molecular Oncology has contacted European cancer charities to collect data and perspectives on the pandemic‐associated economic blow sustained so far, with a special focus on consequences for cancer research funding. Whilst several organizations are still gathering data and planning their next steps, we summarise emerging evidence on the impact of the COVID‐19 pandemic on European cancer charities. In addition, we highlight the need for innovative approaches and reciprocal action to maintain a high standard of cancer research.

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