The FEBS Journal: Editor Profiles

In our new special interview series, The FEBS Journal profiles members of its editorial board, highlighting their research focus, perspectives on the journal and future directions in their field.
The FEBS Journal: Editor Profiles

As a non-profit society journal dedicated to the publication of high-quality research papers and review articles, our academic Editorial Board and Editorial Advisory Board are at the heart of everything we do at The FEBS Journal. Our dedicated academic experts assess manuscripts that cover all fields of cell and molecular biology; their long-standing expertise and knowledge in their respective fields allows for an informed, thorough and rapid assessment of a manuscript's merits. Furthermore, their comprehensive research community networks enable our Editorial Board Members to invite expert referees for the best-possible peer review process of selected manuscripts. In constant exchange with our Editor-in-Chief Seamus Martin, our Board Members help shaping, guiding and leading the scientific and editorial output of The FEBS Journal and serve as advocates and amplifiers of the most recent, innovative research from biochemistry and enzymology to structural and cell biology. 

The most recent issue of The FEBS Journal, which you can find here (, features four interviews with our Editorial Board Members Hyunsook Lee, Angela Gronenborn, Nikos Karamanos and Brent Derry, as part of our Editor Profile series.

Find out who influenced Hyunsook Lee in her career and what impresses her most about The FEBS Journal ( Angela Gronenborn, who has been with the journal since 2009, shares her advice for early-career scientists (, and Nikos Karamanos tell us about his favourite research breakthroughs in his laboratory ( From Brent Derry we hear all about the power of the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans and other organisms for genetic and drug discovery approaches, and his eternal love for music, which he shares with his family ( 

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