The FEBS Journal competition – COVID-19 and life in the laboratory

Share your experience and views of post-lockdown and current COVID-19-impacted life in science and win a prize!
The FEBS Journal competition – COVID-19 and life in the laboratory

The FEBS Journal is pleased to host a unique creative communication contest. Early-career researchers are invited to submit an essay, poster, cartoon sketch or drawing, video, or any type of creative endeavour to The FEBS Journal to show us what your ‘re-opening the lab' life looks like after initial COVID-19 lockdown measures have been eased and your research group has returned to working at the bench.

What type of entries are we looking for?

In general, we welcome any entries related to post-lockdown lab life, presented in a creative way. Your entry might cover any one, some or all of the following topics, or any other aspects of ‘re-opening the lab’ that you’d like to convey:

  • Are you still working on experiments in teams?
  • What are your hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties when working on your projects now?
  • Who’s taking care of the animals in the lab?
  • Do you miss your bench neighbour(s)?
  • How does the team stay safe when working alone?
  • What did the lockdown mean for your research, your funding, your lab, your career plans?
  • Will you miss any lockdown-related activities you might have set up or groups you were interacting with?
  • Are you prepping your lab in any special way for the return?
  • Did virtual meetings make your life easier in comparison? Should this be implemented upon returning to work?
  • Did you change your social interactions and breaks (cancel your weekly lab baking competitions)?


All submissions relating to the theme will be considered. The winning entry will be awarded 500€ and a runner-up prize of 250€ will be awarded too.


Please submit your entries by Sunday 19th July 2020.

Who can participate?

 We invite all early-career researchers to participate, i.e. undergraduates, postgraduates, research technicians, PhD students and individuals who have graduated within the last 5 years.

Get submitting!

Send your entry to The FEBS Journal editorial team at [email protected], ensuring that your email bears the subject heading ‘Post-lockdown lab competition’. Large files can be sent using a file transfer system such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. You can also send us links to media files hosted elsewhere e.g. YouTube. Please also submit your social media handles if you would like The FEBS Journal to highlight your winning entry on Twitter.

The winning entries are likely to be featured on the FEBS Network and The FEBS Journal homepage.

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