The Biochemical Society are looking for an Education Committee Chair

The Biochemical Society are looking for an Education Committee Chair

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The Biochemical Society are looking for a Chair of the Education, Training and Public Engagement Committee.

The Education, Training and Public Engagement Committee works to to foster and support the teaching and learning of molecular biosciences from age 15 upwards by providing training, events, activities and resources for students, teachers, educators, scientists and the general public.

The purpose of the Chair is to lead the work of the Education Committee and act as the principal liaison with the Executive Management Committee and Council. The Chair is responsible for developing the strategy and direction of the Education Committee in line with policies agreed by the Executive Management Committee, Council and the Society’s charitable objectives. The Chair of the Education Committee will therefore also become a Trustee of the Biochemical Society and as such will participate in discussions on the strategic direction of the Society. You will gain valuable board experience and have the opportunity to network with colleagues and peers across the sector, representing the Society at the highest level.

Find out more and apply for the role on the Biochemical Society website.

The deadline to apply is 25 August 5pm (BST).

Please note: You do not need to be based in the UK to apply for our vacancies.

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