The 59th Contact Meeting of the Norwegian Bioscience Society

The Norwegian Bioscience Society (NBS) invites researchers from all over Europe to attend their annual contact meeting, from 18–21 January 2024 (membership of NBS is required). Early bird registration is open until 17 November 2023.
The 59th Contact Meeting of the Norwegian Bioscience Society

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The Norwegian Bioscience Society (NBS), formerly known as the Norwegian Biochemistry Society, is arranging its 59th Contact Meeting at Storefjell Resort in the mountains above Gol, Norway, 18–21 January. The Norwegian Bioscience Society has local committees in several Norwegian cities (Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø and Ås) and this year’s meeting will be hosted by NBS Oslo.

The meeting has a selection of great speakers from a broad range of topics across fields of molecular life science, this year within the fields of exosomes, microbiota, phase separation, cancer biology and microscopy in combination with artificial intelligence. In addition to the nine plenary sessions given by the invited speakers, all attendees will have the opportunity to present their own research in either a mini-symposium talk, or as a poster.

A poster showing the nine plenary sessions, displaying photos of the speakers and talk information, for the NBS 59th Contact Meeting.
The NBS meeting will have nine plenary sessions given by international and national scientists in a range of fields.

The NBS Contact Meeting is an excellent arena for Master and PhD students to communicate their science to a wide national and international audience, perhaps for the first time. The meeting is a place where you encounter new and old collaborators, mentors and friends. It offers an opportunity to lift your gaze and learn about ongoing life science research – a pleasant remedy for the tunnel vision we often experience in our daily scientific routine.

Early bird registration is now open and will be possible until 17 November here:

Researchers from all over Europe can attend the meeting, but membership of NBS is required. Oh, and there will not only be science at this meeting: there is also free time that can be spent talking to other researchers, swimming in the pool area of the hotel, or out skiing in the nearby resort. The conference ends Saturday night with a large conference banquet.

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash 

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