Special Issue on Lipid droplets: Metabolic hubs in health and disease

The latest Special Issue of FEBS Letters highlights new discoveries in the lipid droplet lifecycle and insights into diseases related to lipid storage.
Special Issue on Lipid droplets: Metabolic hubs in health and disease

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This new Special Issue of FEBS Letters, guest-edited by Maria Bohnert (University of Münster) and Bianca Schrul (Saarland University), provides an overview of lipid droplet functions in physiological and pathological states. Sixteen reviews highlight recent discoveries concerning the lipid droplet life cycle, technological advances in the lipid droplet field, and insights into the cell biology underlying diseases related to lipid storage.

The Special Issue includes diverse Reviews on lipid droplet form and function, exploring the lipid droplet lipidome [1], growth and fusion [2], communication with other cellular organelles [3][4][5], lipolysis [6][7], seipin and its partner proteins [8], and triacylglycerol synthesis [9].

Three Reviews highlight technical and technological advancements in understanding lipid droplet form, transport, and biogenesis, including the contributions of electron microscopy [10], a new enzymatic mass tagging method [11], and molecular dynamics simulations [12].

Other Reviews explore the roles of lipid droplets and associated proteins in pathological states, including lipotoxcity and lipid overload [13], and cancer cell metabolism [14]. The Special Issue also features two new Graphical Reviews depicting roles of lipid droplets in disease: one concerning viral replication [15], and another concerning inherited human disorders [16].  

FEBS Letters thanks the guest editors for their input and dedication in curating the publication of this excellent issue, and we invite you to read their full editorial. We believe this Special Issue will be of great interest to the community of scientists "currently dissecting the molecular basis of the (patho-) physiological lipid droplet life cycle in a collective effort".

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