Special Issue: Neurobiology

In this Special Issue of The FEBS Journal, Neurobiology, you can find an informative collection of review articles that explore different aspects of the broad field of neuroscience—from neurodevelopment, physiology, and memory formation to neurodegenerative diseases.
Special Issue: Neurobiology

The brain is the organ that orchestrates the whole body. To do so, neurons and glia in different brain regions have evolved to be highly specialized and are regulated by diverse receptors and neuro- and gliotransmitters. Some of the features of the brain, including a protective brain–blood barrier, high-energy demand, and electrical activity, mean that neurons and astrocytes are uniquely diverse components of tissue that vary greatly even across brain regions.  In the latest Special Issue of The FEBS Journal, Neurobiology, you will find 19 review articles that cover different aspects of the broad field of neuroscience—from neurodevelopment, physiology and memory formation to the mechanisms underlying the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

We wish to thank the authors for their excellent contributions to this Special Issue, and we hope that our readers will find these reviews interesting and informative.

On the cover: A 3D illustration of a neural network in the human nervous system, credited to Andrii Vodolazhskyi (Shutterstock, ID 536377753).


  • 1. Mao KZhang GThe role of PARP1 in neurodegenerative diseases and agingFEBS J20222892013– 24.
  • 2. Konstantoulea KLouros NRousseau FSchymkowitz JHeterotypic interactions in amyloid function and diseaseFEBS J20222892025– 46.
  • 3. Ginsberg SDNeubert TASharma SDigwal CSYan PTimbus C, et al. Disease-specific interactome alterations via epichaperomics: the case for Alzheimer’s diseaseFEBS J20222892047– 66.
  • 4. Jancke D, Herlitze S, Kringelbach ML, Deco G. Bridging the gap between single receptor type activity and whole-brain dynamics. FEBS J. 2022; 289: 2067 84
  • 6. Irfan MEvonuk KSDeSilva TMMicroglia phagocytose oligodendrocyte progenitor cells and synapses during early postnatal development: implications for white versus gray matter maturationFEBS J20222892110– 27.
  • 7. Fan RLai KOUnderstanding how kinesin motor proteins regulate postsynaptic function in neuronFEBS J20222892128– 44.
  • 8. Nath AJohnson TPMechanisms of viral persistence in the brain and therapeutic approachesFEBS J20222892145– 61.
  • 9. Robledo-Menendez AVella MGrandes PSoria-Gomez ECannabinoid control of hippocampal functions: the where mattersFEBS J20222892162– 75.
  • 10. Bin Ibrahim MZBenoy ASajikumar SLong-term plasticity in the hippocampus: maintaining within and ‘tagging’ between synapsesFEBS J20222892176– 201.
  • 11. Wang YFu AKYIp NYInstructive roles of astrocytes in hippocampal synaptic plasticity: neuronal activity-dependent regulatory mechanismsFEBS J20222892202– 18.
  • 12. Camblor-Perujo SKononenko NLBrain-specific functions of the endocytic machineryFEBS J20222892219– 46.
  • 13. Muraleedharan RDasgupta BAMPK in the brain: its roles in glucose and neural metabolismFEBS J20222892247– 62.
  • 14. Cataldi SStanley ATMiniaci MCSulzer DInterpreting the role of the striatum during multiple phases of motor learningFEBS J20222892263– 81.
  • 15. Lu MHHsueh YPProtein synthesis as a modifiable target for autism-related dendritic spine pathophysiologiesFEBS J20222892282– 300.
  • 16. Bonefas KMIwase SSoma-to-germline transformation in chromatin-linked neurodevelopmental disordersFEBS J20222892301– 17. 
  • 17. Yang JYang XTang KInterneuron development and dysfunctionFEBS J20222892318– 36.
  • 18. Guo MSchwartz TDDunaief JLCui QNMyeloid cells in retinal and brain degenerationFEBS J20222892337– 61.
  • 19. Deem JDFaber CLMorton GJAgRP neurons: regulators of feeding, energy expenditure, and behaviorFEBS J20222892362– 81.

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