SEBBM presents its new Governing Bodies and Admissions Committee

Several positions on the Governing Board and the Admissions Committee were renewed at SEBBM´s Extraordinary Assembly, virtually held on July 22nd.
SEBBM presents its new Governing Bodies and Admissions Committee

We wish to thank the splendid work of the outgoing members: Profs. Félix Goñi (President), Mariam Sahrawy (Treasurer), the Board Members Laura Herrero, Aránzazu Sánchez, Ismael Mingarro and Fernando Giráldez, and the outgoing members of the Admissions Committee: Federico Mayor Menéndez (President), Eulalia Alonso, Carmen Guerrero, Paloma Martín Sanz, Ana Mª Mata and Pedro Sánchez Lazo. We welcome as well the new Treasurer, José Manuel García Pichel, the Secretary-elect, Lluís Montoliu, the new Board Members María D. Mayán, María Monsalve Pérez, Sara García Linares and Mª del Mar Orzáez, and the new members of the Admissions Committee Joaquín Ariño, César Arrese Igor-Sánchez, Laura Frago, Miguel Ángel Medina and Jesús de la Osada.

SEBBM´s new presidency is held by Prof. Isabel Varela Nieto, Research Professor at the CSIC and group leader at the CIBER of rare diseases (CIBERER, ISCIII) in Madrid, where she leads the Neurobiology of Hearing group, focused on understanding the genetic and molecular bases of hearing and hearing loss. Prof. Varela Nieto has represented Spain in different international panels, including the ESF (European Science Foundation) and COST Biomedicine committees (European Cooperation in Science & Technology). She is currently a member of FEBS´s Science & Society Committee and a member of the FEBS Networking group, and she chairs since 2018 the International Committee of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO). Isabel Varela Nieto has been a member of the SEBBM since 1982, and in the last fifteen years she has created and coordinated the Apoptosis Group (2005-2008), she has been Secretary-elect (2008-2010), Scientific Secretary (2010-2014) and President-elect (2018-2020). She was also the first Chair of the SEBBM Science for Society working group (2008-2014) with which she still actively collaborates.

Coinciding with the beginning of this very new and exciting phase, SEBBM has produced a video which reviews its more than 57 years of history. We hope you´ll enjoy it: