Making Laboratories Greener

The IUBMB Trainee Initiative and the Re-Advance initiative are organising an online event to inform researchers interested in how to make their laboratories greener in little time and with easy steps. The talk is on 13 March 18:00 CET. Details and registration below. Please share this post!
Making Laboratories Greener

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Update! Watch a recording of this talk on YouTube and register for next talks.

This event is organised by the IUBMB Trainee Initiative in cooperation with the Re-Advance initiative. Their objective is to show researchers how to make their laboratory sustainable when they have limited time and expertise to do it. From reducing plastic waste, saving energy, and enhancing procurement to optimizing experiments and convincing colleagues, the range of activities to explore is wide. Re-Advance can help you find out about sustainable innovations in equipment and analytical methods (e.g., MS, HPLC, Microscopy), how to choose safer chemicals for scientists, and how to save time through optimization of workflows. You can find out more about Re-Advance's conceptualisation of laboratory sustainability on this FEBS Letters The Scientists' Forum article: A new approach to making scientific research more efficient – rethinking sustainability.

Register to join the event online on 13 March at Noon Eastern Time / 18:00 CET. 

The event will be an interactive dialogue where we will hear from experienced scientists and passionate students on how to make our laboratories future proof.

Diagram showing the topics covered by the Re-Advance initiative talk

Image showing the IUBMB Trainee Initiative logo on the left and the Re-Advance logo on the right

Photo by FlyD on Unsplash

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