LS2 Swiss Physiology Meeting 2020│ 31.8 - 1.9 online

The meeting point of physiologists in Switzerland
LS2 Swiss Physiology Meeting 2020│
31.8 - 1.9 online

The meeting will take place as two half-day program on 31 August and 1 September 2020

Plenary speakers: 

  • Dr. Wanda Kukulski (University of Bern): 'The architecture of organelle contact sites involved in lipid transfer'
  • Prof. Dr. med Michael Scharl (University Hospital of Zurich): 'From cells, mice and to humans: translating today’s basic knowledge about protein tyrosine phosphatases into clinical approaches of tomorrow for treatment of intestinal inflammation and cancer'

A big highlight of the meeting will be the awarding of the Young Investigator Award sponsored by the "Stiftung für Physiologie" (former Oetliker Foundation) for young researchers in Physiology.

The meeting is for free for LS2 and non LS2 members, but registration is required.

Deadline for YIA competition: 5 August 2020

Deadline for general registration: 17 August 2020

See all details here:

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