Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching of Life Sciences - Webinar series

With monthly online seminars in English, this series aims to create a forum and a community to help improve the quality of undergraduate education in the life sciences.
Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching of Life Sciences - Webinar series

The target audience of Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching of Life Sciences - Webinar series includes program directors and coordinators, teachers, student counsellors, discipline-specific educational scientists and others.

The first webinar is scheduled on 17th of March 2021 at 17:00 with Erin Dolan (University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA): "Undergraduate research at scale: What if the treatment is a CURE?"


  • April 14 (17.30): Kostas Kampourakis (University of Geneva, CH); Going beyond content knowledge: Addressing students’ preconceptions to achieve conceptual understanding in undergraduate biology

  • May 12 (17.30): Katja Köhler and Ernst Hafen (ETH Zürich, CH); Teaching as teamwork - The Center for Active Learning at the ETH Department of Biology

  • June 9 (17.30): Pierre Cosson (University of Geneva, CH); Construction of a new bachelor curriculum with integration of multiple soft skills

Topics might include: Shifting the emphasis from teaching to learning - Active learning - Flipped classroom - Addressing student misconceptions - Promoting conceptual understanding - Integration of basic sciences - Computational biology skills - Technological innovation - Integrating MOOCs - Practicals with large classes - Authentic assessment - Discipline-specific societal issues - Assessing impact on learning rather than student satisfaction - Preparing for non-academic careers - English as teaching language - Faculty development - Teaching assistants - ....

Registration: The webinars are free of charge and open, but registration is required. Please look at all information here:

Organizers: Didier Picard (University of Geneva) and François Lombard (University of Geneva), under the auspices of Life Sciences Switzerland.