Little packets of information and support

A selection of posts from 2021 to celebrate the holidays and wish you all a good entry into 2022.
Little packets of information and support

What gift do you want these holidays? Your own research group? Peace and unity in the lab? These posts might help:

Whatever you are asking for, asking well is key. Some communication tips here:

This is the season to share and be open. Let these posts show you the way:

Remember to take time off and get some rest, to be ready for next year. Some good ideas in these posts:

 What are your New Year resolutions? Make your lab greener? Optimise your online teaching? Start a Junior Section at your Society? All great ideas:

 And remember that from new faces... old friends...

...the FEBS Network wishes you a restful holiday period and the best for 2022!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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