Join us at the 46th SEBBM Congress

The 46th SEBBM Congress will be in A Coruña, Spain, from 2 to 6 September 2024. Attend an excellent event and explore the Northwest of Spain in a single trip. Reduced fees are available before 20 May and the deadline to submit an abstract is 25 May 2024.
Join us at the 46th SEBBM Congress

There are just six months left until the 46th SEBBM Congress, which will be held this year in the north of Spain, in A Coruña, at Palexco. From the scientific, local, and executive committees, we are preparing a program that will surprise all attendees, and we hope to reach the long-awaited 1000 registrations.

We will start on Monday, September 2nd, with two scientific outreach events. We will inaugurate the exhibition "Severo Ochoa: a passionate scientist" at DOMUS, presented by Inma Yruela with the collaboration of the Carmen and Severo Ochoa Foundation (FCySO), and the activity "Biochemistry in the City", focused on the mysteries of creativity, learning, and talent. For this, we will have neuroscientist Mara Dierssen (CRG, Barcelona), and Rosa Montero, a Spanish famous and well regarded writer who will participate in the panel discussion at the Fundación Abanca auditorium along with other talented participants. I recommend not to miss either of these two events.

On Tuesday, September 3rd, we will start with the satellite activities, including the "Introduction to Research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" course, organized by Manuel Becerra (UDC, Coruña) and Manuel Collado (CSIC, CIMUS, Santiago de Compostela), which will take place in the Paraninfo of the University of Coruña in the morning. We will also welcome the SEBBM Junior Section to give visibility to younger participants and allow them to contribute directly with their ideas to make SEBBM more inclusive and active. In the afternoon, we will have the Professional Development Forum organized by Laura Soucek and María Monsalve followed by the Women and Science session, which will include a meeting with experts and a discussion panel with female role models.

The opening lecture 'Alberto Sols', sponsored by FBBVA, will be delivered by Tak Mak, a prominent researcher recognized for his contribution to the discovery of the first checkpoints of the immune system that revolutionized cancer immunotherapy. His work has been crucial in the development of antibodies used in current treatments. It is reported that in a meeting in 1990, Tak Mak and James Allison discussed the possibilities of manipulating the immune system to treat cancer. This conversation paved the way for future research by both groups culminating in the development of revolutionary immunotherapies, which later led to James Allison being awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2018. Mak has also been notable for his pioneering research in neuroscience, exploring the molecular foundations of neurological diseases. His exemplary career has positioned him as an influential figure in biomedical research worldwide. We will learn more details about his cancer and neuroscience research on day 3 in A Coruña, followed by a welcome cocktail at Palexco.

On Wednesday, September 4th, we will start the parallel sessions of the symposia selected by the scientific committee and approved by the board of directors. This year, the topics will be diverse and cover areas of great relevance in biochemistry. The program for the symposia is already available on the website enabled for the 46th Congress.

During the Congress, we will also enjoy a wide range of activities including plenary lectures, meetings of scientific groups of the SEBBM, poster sessions, and the commercial exhibition and talks by collaborating companies. Among the satellite activities, there will be a scientific-artistic show that we are organizing in collaboration with the Barrié Foundation. The biochemical societies of Argentina, Chile, and Mexico will be represented by their respective speakers, along with the PABMB. Additionally, this year, we have scholarships available for female university professors from North Africa and Ibero-America.

We encourage congress participants to actively participate and enjoy all the activities that the Congress offers, where there will also be opportunities to visit the stands of sponsoring companies and participate in the SEBBM awards, which will be presented during the closing session of the Congress on Friday, September 6th.

We are pleased to have the participation of prestigious entities such as the FERO Foundation, CRIS-Cancer, the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), the Pascual Maragall Foundation, and the Princess of Girona Foundation, among other prominent organizations. These entities will share their funding plans and strategies to promote scientific talent. It will be a unique opportunity to interact directly with them, address doubts, and explore possible collaborations. Additionally, we have prepared a special area at the entrance of Palexco to facilitate one-to-one meetings and make the most of networking during the congress.

I recommend not to miss the gala dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant on Monte de San Pedro. We will access it by bus to enjoy delicious food and spectacular views of the city and the sea. It will be an unforgettable evening in an impressive setting.

A Coruña, known as the 'City of Glass' for its iconic Marina and Tower of Hercules, combines a unique maritime charm. Its golden beaches, such as Riazor Beach, its promenade, and the surroundings of the city offer opportunities to enjoy the sea, its cultural offerings, and taste the delicious local cuisine, famous for its fresh seafood and traditional Galician dishes. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the Congress and to explore the latest advances in biochemistry and molecular biology in such an inspiring environment as A Coruña; register with reduced fees before May 20th and submit your abstract before May 25th, 2024.

We look forward to seeing you! See you in September!

Congress poster showing a graphical representation of the Tower of Hercules, with yellow dots representing the lightbeam and blue dots representing the waves.

Image by bpisaca from Pixabay

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