Instruct-ERIC: supporting research related to COVID-19

Instruct-ERIC is committed to the use of its infrastructure in response to emerging societal needs. In the case of COVID-19, Instruct has made tools & resources available to support researchers in their efforts to study the virus, working towards the development of an effective vaccine or treatment.
Instruct-ERIC: supporting research related to COVID-19

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In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Instruct-ERIC is offering priority access to groups that need to use our structural biology services for projects directly related to COVID-19 viral proteins, with a faster review of research proposals relating to COVID-19. Many Instruct-ERIC services are available via remote access, where samples can be sent for analysis without the need for researchers to travel.

In addition, Instruct-ERIC has launched an online COVID-19 Resource Centre. As well as cataloguing the tools, information and support available from Instruct and the wider scientific community, the Resource Centre showcases the work being undertaken at Instruct Centres, documenting their important role in the fight against COVID-19.

On the COVID-19 Resource Centre, you can:

  • View the availability of Instruct facilities for remote and physical visits
  • Discover resources available to the life science community for COVID-19 research, including information about equipment, databases, collaborations and funding
  • View Flash Reports describing structures solved using an Instruct facilities
  • Read Special Features of broad interest to the life science community
  • Find links to news items reporting on Instruct facilities’ COVID-19 research.  

For more information or to contribute to the Resource Centre, please contact [email protected].

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