FEBS Summer Fellowships 2021

Calling PhD or Master’s students looking to boost their thesis work through international collaboration: apply by 15 May 2021 for this year's FEBS Summer Fellowships!
FEBS Summer Fellowships 2021

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The call for FEBS Summer Fellowships in 2021 is now open until 15 May 2021!

FEBS Summer Fellowships are awarded to PhD and Master's students in the FEBS area for a research stay of six to twelve weeks in the laboratory of their choice in a different FEBS country. Ideally the stay should take place in the summer, and the research subject should support the obtaining of their degree. Successful applicants receive €3500 towards travel and living.

A prize of €500 is awarded to a FEBS Summer Fellow each year for the best report on work carried out during the Fellowship. 

Full details, including a link to the online application system, can be found in the Summer Fellowships section of the FEBS website. 

For insight into the experience of FEBS Summer Fellowships from three of the awardees in 2020, see a FEBS Network post presenting their accounts here.

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