Demystifying the secrets of the food we eat

To celebrate 60 years of FEBS, the Romanian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology decided to bring science to society and to the next generations of future scientists and world changers. This is part of the FEBS 60th Anniversary Constituent Society outreach events and activities.
Demystifying the secrets of the food we eat

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In a society where from a young age we become mesmerized by the spell of sugar and ultra-processed foods, we want to inspire and educate young children, about the profound impact of dietary choices on our health, giving them tools for developing proper nutritional habits as future adults.

And what better target than the most curious and absorbent minds of young children. Hence, our initiative, scheduled between October and December 2024, seeks to engage school students through interactive workshops that will spark creativity and encourage a lifelong love for learning.

Preparing for this event we conducted interviews with school children about their knowledge of various concepts like what is food, what is science, what scientists do. We’ve received some of the most interesting answers from our remarkably imaginative young participants:

"Science for me is fun because you can make potions.” Sylvia, 6 years

”Food is very important for us, because our stomach could auto-digest itself without food." Ingrid, 7 years

” If we don’t move, we can become fat and grumpy.” Maria, 7 years

“A scientist knows a lot of things, about stars and galaxies, knows how to do experiments and makes potions.” Maruca 7, years

“Scientist test the environment, the nature and animals.” Robert, 8 years

We look forward to meeting with the little students and working together to demystify the secrets of the food we eat.

Images by the Romanian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

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