Looking for a Long-Term Fellowship for 2019?

The FEBS call for applications is now open until 1st October 2018
Looking for a Long-Term Fellowship for 2019?

The importance of the postdoctoral experience in the development of a scientist's career is well known. FEBS Long-Term Fellowships, which provide a stipend for one to three years, can assist the goals of researchers at this career stage in the areas of biochemistry and molecular biology by opening up the possibility to work in a host laboratory in a different country in the FEBS area. Moving to a new lab in a new country offers choice of where and with whom to pursue postdoctoral work, may heighten opportunities for acquiring technical expertise and new approaches to research, and allows researchers to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability for their future careers.

FEBS Fellows are selected through a competitive process by the FEBS Fellowships Committee of distinguished molecular life scientists from across Europe, following an online application covering a candidate’s achievements and research proposal, as well as a letter of acceptance by the proposed host institute.

Additional opportunities for FEBS Long-Term Fellows as Fellowships progress include the chance to apply for the FEBS Distinguished Young Investigator Award, which recognizes FEBS Long-Term Fellows who have conducted outstanding research during the tenure of their Fellowships, and the FEBS Follow-up Research Fund, which helps support young scientists to start work in an independent position in a different institution (in a FEBS country) after completion of their Fellowship. Advanced FEBS Long-Term Fellows may also be invited to take part in a FEBS Fellows Meeting (a satellite event to the FEBS Congress).

For more information, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, please go to the Fellowships section of the FEBS website.