Increase Altmetric scores with the FEBS Network

How to reference published articles so they'll count
Increase Altmetric scores with the FEBS Network

The FEBS Network is a registered source site for Altmetric scores, which means that mentions here on this site count towards an article’s score.

About Altmetrics

Altmetric scores provide a way to measure the broader online impact of published articles beyond journal citations, by tracking social and traditional media for references to those articles. Scores also directly reflect an individual article’s influence and reach online, rather than aggregating at the journal level, which is important to researchers

You can read more about Altmetrics, including how scores are calculated, on Wiley Online Library


Article mentions help increase discovery of the FEBS Network and increase the visibility of your contributions here. 

Altmetric data is available for anyone to view and explore on Wiley Online Library. It is displayed at the article level, for example

By clicking on the badge, users can see where mentions come from and navigate to the sites where the conversations are happening. 


How to ‘mention’ an article 

Only content posts on the FEBS Network are picked up; comments  are not tracked. To ensure that Altmetric picks up an article mention in a post you created, all you need to do is add a URL for the article page, e.g.

Article link structures may vary and sometimes they get truncated in the posting process, but this doesn’t matter. The format of the URL is not important. As long as it’s a valid link to a site tracked by Altmetric (e.g. a publisher’s content platform like Wiley Online Library), then Altmetric will crawl the linked page. If there is identifying metadata for an article, then it attributes the mention to that article.

When you add a URL, normally it will be automatically converted to an active link. If this doesn’t happen, you can manually add this by highlighting the text and using the WYSIWYG controls to insert a link: 

The URL text doesn’t have to display to be picked up. You can hyperlink any text, for example as you might to create footnote links, and it will be counted as a mention. 

It’s that easy!

We look forward to seeing your posts appear in Altmetric scores soon!

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