2020 Highlights from the FEBS Network's 'Early-Career Scientist' channel

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Here’s our selection of five favourite blog posts in 2020 from this section of the FEBS Network aimed especially at PhD students and postdocs. The posts provide tips, encouragement and amusement – enjoy reading!

On becoming a group leader: David Vilchez, CECAD, Cologne, Germany
David Vilchez

Follow your passion and collaborate!
Andreas Mayer

Superheroes of the lab - a spotter's guide
Brooke Morriswood

Leaving home for science
Christian Frezza

Five tips for creating an eye-catching graphical abstract
Duncan Wright

If you would like alerts to new content in the Early-Career Scientist channel in 2021, you can set this up via 'My Digest' when you are registered on the FEBS Network – or just click the channel's 'Watch' button when signed in. Find more details on that in a FEBS Network post here.

Top image of post: Arek Socha from Pixabay

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