Student/beginner mode for on-line Journals

Student/beginner mode for on-line Journals

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The comprehension of text can present an additional burden on the learning curve of new concepts. Reading about new concepts, in special on scientific papers, can be disorienting and discouraging for students and non-experts in the subject.

Imagine having a button on on-line material, that, when clicked, highlights the key concepts and words that the student should concentrate on. It's like having the author of the document highlighting for us sections of the text, driving our attention by marking them with a vivid yellow color.

Proteopedia ( ) implements this highlighting of key concepts and words on on-line pages since it's beginning. In addition, when clicked, the green highlighted words in Proteopedia interact with the three dimensional model on the page for an enhanced structural understanding.

On-line journals and on-line material have the technological potential to implement this "student/beginner mode". Students may then show or hide at will the author's highlighting with the click of a button.

It only requires the decision to start doing it.

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