The Francis Crick Institute PhD studentships

Find out about the Crick’s PhD studentships, in London, United Kingdom. The call for applications is currently open until 12:00 noon (GMT), 19 March 2024.
The Francis Crick Institute PhD studentships

The Crick comprises approximately 2,000 colleagues and students, who use their knowledge and expertise across disciplines, to engage in discovery research in biomedicine. As an independent institution, we have a wide research portfolio, without divisions or departments, and our research groups have the freedom to establish research programmes within broad areas. The emphasis in our strategy is Discovery Without Boundaries, and if you come to the Crick as a student, you'll benefit from a stimulating and supportive environment, well-resourced labs and facilities, and a comprehensive training and career development programme.

The Crick calls for applications to their PhD studentships bi-annually, in October and February. We are currently open for applications for a range of projects, until 12:00 noon (GMT), 19 March 2024.

The Crick has approximately 200 PhD students carrying out four‐year PhDs. The students contribute to the international community of the Crick; 60% are from the EU and further afield. The energy and enthusiasm of the student population are a vital part of Crick's research community, and the comprehensive Crick PhD programme ensures that our students have strong career prospects in science.

Students on our programme benefit from tailored training, both from the Crick, and from our partner universities (King’s College London, University College London and Imperial College London). During their studies, students are also encouraged to engage in conferences for valuable exposure to the wider scientific community, with access to funding to allow students to present their work at national and international conferences.

Carrying out a PhD can be challenging, but we have dedicated systems in place to ensure Crick students have all the support and guidance needed during their studies. Our PhD students have access to a comprehensive support network involving their supervisor and research group, a dedicated thesis committee, our Academic Training team, which includes our Student Support and Wellbeing Lead, and the PhD student community itself, represented by the PhD Student Committee. Additional support is offered through wellbeing training sessions tailored for PhD students in each year of study, a PhD support group and our Employee Assistance Programme.

Further information and details about the online application process, requirements, eligibility and the available open positions can be found here:

Photo taken from a distance of students sitting on sofas and taking.
PhD students at The Francis Crick Institute.
Student in a lab facing the camera, holding plastic boxes, and smiling.
Student in the lab at The Francis Crick Institute.

All images by The Francis Crick Institute

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