The FEBS Journal Subject Collection: Developmental pathways in disease

The FEBS Journal Subject Collection: Developmental pathways in disease

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In this Subject Collection, The FEBS Journal presents reviews and original research that focus on the role of critical for normal development signalling pathways that are deregulated in various pathologies.

Developmental programs are tightly regulated to orchestrate the formation and organization of tissues and organs. However, activation of developmental pathways at the wrong time or in the wrong tissues can result in pathological phenotypes. Such aberrant re-activation can occur due to a variety of factors, including genetic mutations, environmental influences, or epigenetic modifications.

This Subject Collection on Developmental pathways in disease of The FEBS Journal features an exciting article collection focused on the latest advances on the role of developmental signalling pathways and their aberrant regulation in human disease.

We encourage you to read the comprehensive introduction to the articles included by The FEBS Journal Editorial Board member Brent Derry, who expertly summarises their content. Many thanks to all the authors for their excellent contributions!


On the cover: Neuronal functions of KDM5C that contribute to Claes-Jensen syndrome, image from the State-of-the-Art Review by Hayden Hatch and Julie Secombe included in the collection.

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