The FEBS Journal: hidden gems

Every quarter, The FEBS Journal presents some of its ‘hidden gems’ – research articles and reviews that provide a significant advance or development in the molecular or cellular life science. These articles are of high value to the scientific community and we take the opportunity to promote them.
The FEBS Journal: hidden gems

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In the current ‘hidden gems’, our Deputy Editorial Manager Manuel Breuer summarises previous review and research article content:

1) Firstly, in their Editor’s Choice article, Wei Liu and colleagues identify the DNA-binding protein dendritic arbor reduction 1 (Dar1) as a regulator of ISC proliferation.
2) In their ‘A Guide to…’ article, Shakir Hasan, Peter Sebo and Radim Osicka make the case for the limitations of animal models and simple cell culture systems for our understanding of host-pathogen interactions with the respiratory epithelium. 
3) Maria Sibilia and colleagues explored how mice lacking EGFR develop postnatal neurodegeneration, through the generation of two lines of conditional EGFR KO mice with an adult brain-specific ablation of EGFR.  
4) Finally, in their State-of-the-Art review, Stine Kjær Morthorst, Søren Tvorup Christensen and Lotte Bang Pedersen provide a comprehensive tour of primary cilia biology, the malfunction of which cause of ciliopathies, diseases that affect many organs of the human body.

To read the full run down on these 'hidden gems', check out the article here:


[1]: Wu, X., Chen, Z., Gao, Y., Wang, L., Sun, X., Jin, Y. and Liu, W. (2018), The krüppel‐like factor Dar1 restricts the proliferation of Drosophila intestinal stem cells. FEBS J, 285: 3945-3958.

[2]: Hasan, S., Sebo, P. and Osicka, R. (2018), A guide to polarized airway epithelial models for studies of host–pathogen interactions. FEBS J, 285: 4343-4358.

[3]: Robson, J.P., Wagner, B., Glitzner, E., Heppner, F.L., Steinkellner, T., Khan, D., Petritsch, C., Pollak, D.D., Sitte, H.H. and Sibilia, M. (2018), Impaired neural stem cell expansion and hypersensitivity to epileptic seizures in mice lacking the EGFR in the brain. FEBS J, 285: 3175-3196.

[4]: Morthorst, S.K., Christensen, S.T. and Pedersen, L.B. (2018), Regulation of ciliary membrane protein trafficking and signalling by kinesin motor proteins. FEBS J, 285: 4535-4564.

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