Subject Collection: Plant stress responses

Subject Collection: Plant stress responses

Plants are routinely subjected to a diverse range of environmental stresses that can have a huge impact on agricultural productivity. Hence, they have evolved a number of mechanisms to help them to combat abiotic and biotic stresses and to survive in hostile environments. In recent years, research has enhanced our understanding of how plant signalling pathways detect stress in the environment and generate an appropriate biochemical and physiological response.

In this Subject Collection on Plant stress responses, The FEBS Journal presents reviews and original research that highlight a variety of sophisticated plant defense systems and the potential to harness the growing understanding of these molecular mechanisms for crop improvement strategies.

In the Editorial, Peter Macheroux gives a comprehensive summary of the articles included; we encourage you to consult this piece for an overview of this exciting Subject Collection.


We invite you to see also our previous Subject Collections on noncoding RNAs in health and disease, protein crystallography, CRISPR/Cas9 and autophagy.


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