Special Issue: "Visions of bio-inorganic chemistry: metals and the molecules of life."

The latest special issue of FEBS Letters follows Nobel symposium #168. Edited by Martin Högbom.
Special Issue: "Visions of bio-inorganic chemistry: metals and the molecules of life."

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In this special issue on bio-inorganic chemistry, FEBS Letters features reviews, perspectives, and research from speakers at the 2022 Nobel symposium, “Visions of bio-inorganic chemistry: metals and the molecules of life.”

As Martin Högbom notes in his Editorial, which reflects on this issue’s eponymous symposium and offers context for and a thoughtful overview of the issue’s contents, bio-inorganic chemistry is by nature an inter- and multidisciplinary area of study.

Consequently, this diverse and exciting collection offers contributions on radical[1] and redox biochemistry,[2][3][4][5] metallo-enzymology,[6][7] chemical biology,[8][9] cellular signaling[10] and transport,[11] coordination chemistry and nanomedicine,[12] as well as reviews on the fundamental biochemical processes of nitrogen fixation[13][14] and water oxidation.[15][16]

We hope our readers will find this special issue interesting, informative, and timely, and we thank editor Martin Högbom and all our authors for their excellent contributions.

The cover image captures an intermediate state of water oxidation in the Kok cycle, and is taken from Simon et al. ‘Capturing the sequence of events during the water oxidation reaction in photosynthesis using XFELs’.

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