Special Issue on Cancer Therapeutics

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In this Special Issue on Cancer Therapeutics, The FEBS Journal highlights the latest advances in cancer therapy through twelve review articles and an interview-based article. 

In this exciting collection of recent studies, the current therapeutic approaches in cancer are reviewed, including recruitment of immune cells, use of small molecules, development of imaging tools, and repurposing of ‘old’ drugs to target either cancer cells or specific signalling pathways.

In the interview-based article featured in this issue, Tony Letai discusses the importance of function when designing targeted cancer therapies, giving an overview of BH3 profiling and its application to the treatment of cancer.

The FEBS Journal Editorial Board Member Christine Watson provides a comprehensive summary of the issue’s content in her editorial, which we encourage you to read for an overview of the issue.

On the cover: A 3D illustration of T cells attacking a cancer cell, obtained from Dreamstime.com. Image ID: 96819432, copyright Meletios Verras.


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