Special Issue on Autophagy: From yeast to humans

The latest Special Issue of FEBS Letters details thirty years of molecular autophagy
Special Issue on Autophagy: From yeast to humans

Thirty years ago, FEBS Letters published Nobel-winning work by Yoshinori Ohsumi and colleagues identifying the first yeast autophagy genes [1]. Our latest Special Issue, guest-edited by Tassoula Proikas-Cezanne (University of Tübingen) and Michael Thumm (University of Göttingen), features twelve Reviews that detail subsequent developments in the field and highlight current findings in relation to the molecular and functional understanding of autophagy.

The Reviews in this issue highlight new findings in autophagosome biogenesis through cryo-electron tomography [2], provide overviews of the regulation of macroautophagy [3] and microautophagy [4], and address nutrient-controlled signaling in S. cerevisiae [5]. Mechanisms of autophagosome biogenesis and fusion with the vacuole in S. cerevisiae are illustrated in two Reviews [6, 7], including a beautiful new Graphical Review. Two Reviews discuss the role of ATG8 [8] and ATG13 and ATG101 [9] in autophagosome biogenesis, and another dissects it from a structural approach [10]. Lastly, two Reviews discuss defective autophagy in the context of neurodegenerative disease [11,12].

FEBS Letters thanks the guest editors for their input and dedication in curating the publication of this excellent special issue. We are proud to have published seminal research in autophagy, and we invite our readers to explore the prolific expansion of this field over the last thirty years. FEBS Letters has recently renewed our commitment to original autophagy research by opening a Special Section, through which we hope to keep furthering the advancement of a field where, as our guest editors note, many questions remain unanswered.

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