Radiation Oncology: towards a mission-oriented approach

A thematic issue in Molecular Oncology discusses recent developments and future directions in radiation oncology in Europe and beyond.
Radiation Oncology: towards a mission-oriented approach

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Radiation oncology is a key part of cancer treatment. With cancer posing a major health risk and the global cancer incidence rate expected to almost double in the next two decades, the importance of radiation therapy will continue to grow. Radiation oncology will be shaped by oncoming advances in medicine, including early and lower‐cost detection methods, integrated multidisciplinary approaches, personalized medical strategies, and cancer prevention. In addition, radiation oncology will be influenced by future societal changes, including the establishment of more efficient, value‐based healthcare systems, and, importantly, extended European and global cooperation in research and care for the fight against disease.


A European mission-oriented cancer approach must consider the needs of tomorrow’s aging population, as well as the diversity of healthcare systems in Europe. This is only possible if all research areas are brought together in a symbiotic environment, enabling radiation oncology to cure and slow down tumor growth and combat comorbidities[1].


We hope that you enjoy reading the reviews of this thematic issue, which discuss, among other topics: the standing of radiation oncology in modern multidisciplinary cancer treatment[2]; provision and use of radiotherapy[3] and particle therapy[4] in Europe; the role of technology-driven research[5] and data science[6]in advancing radiation oncology; radiotherapy combinations with image guidance[7], immunotherapy[8] and targeted therapies[9], [10]; prevention and treatment of side effects[11]; and the importance of empowering patients in decision making[12].


For a deeper understanding we invite you to read the full editorial[13], and, of course, also the review articles listed below.


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