Protecting science in times of crisis

In a new report, the ISC Centre for Science Futures addresses the urgent need for a new approach to safeguard science and its practitioners during global crises.
Protecting science in times of crisis

The report proposes a practical set of concrete measures, following the stages of humanitarian response, that are meant to be jointly implemented by the best-placed public and private actors in the international science ecosystems. It also identifies how existing policy frameworks can be enhanced, including specific amendments to current international treaty and regulations.

📙 Full report "Science in Times of Crisis"
📄 Executive Summary
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📢 The ISC calls upon international scientific institutions, governments, academies, foundations, and the wider scientific community to embrace the recommendations outlined in “Protecting Science in Times of Crisis”. By uniting, we can contribute to a more resilient, responsive, and prepared scientific ecosystem capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century. 

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Image by the International Science Council

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