New webinar series to highlight biochemistry and molecular biology research in Africa

Learn more about the work of researchers from African countries by joining this new webinar series. The first event will be on 5 October.
New webinar series to highlight biochemistry and molecular biology research in Africa

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On this new initiaitive from the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB) and the Federation of African Societies of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (FASBMB), the aim is to increase visibility for researchers from African countries working in biochemistry and molecular biology. The AAS-FASBMB-IUBMB Committee also want to provide a platform for these researchers to connect, and share knowledge, experiences, and case studies of their work.

To help launch the webinar series, the first event will have Professor Dario Alessi, IUBMB President elect, as the keynote speaker. Subsequent conferences will be held monthly by keynote researchers from the region.

The AAS-FASBMB-IUBMB Committee invite researchers across Europe to join this first virtual conference, which will be held on 5th of October, 1600-1700 Hrs South African Time, and find out more about the research outputs and plans from the region. To join the webinar, visit the AAS website. 

To find out about other way in which IUBMB is supporting researchers from African countries, read this update post from their President, Alexandra Newton.

Top image from IUBMB.

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