Keynote speaker talk recordings from the FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE 2022 conference at IBiS

Register on the FEBS Network to watch the recordings of the keynote speakers at the FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE 2022 conference, hosted by IBiS, from 16 to 18 November 2022.
Keynote speaker talk recordings from the FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE 2022 conference at IBiS

Between 16 and 18 November 2022 (with a lovely advance on the evening of 15 November, visiting the beautiful city of Seville) the FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE 2022 conference took place, hosted by the Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla, IBiS). This was the first event of a series of conferences supported by FEBS and IUBMB and had the title “THE PERFECT TANDEM: How technology expands the frontiers of biomedicine”. 

The format of the event was based on a previous series of conferences organised by four key research institutes in Europe (the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) in Spain; the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences  (RIMLS) in the Netherlands; the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research  (CPR) in Denmark; and the  Scuola Europea di Medicina Molecolare (SEMM) in Italy), and which had been funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 program.

All these conferences have in common the fact that they are organised by young scientists for young scientists, with a focus on the needs and priorities of students and young researchers in the molecular life sciences and biomedicine. The conferences last three days and have a scientific symposium, a career day (with workshops, roundtables, and a careers fair), and outreach activities and networking. 

Following the scientific theme of the symposium, eight renowned keynote speakers from different fields shared their expertise and knowledge in topics such as Computational biology and Artificial intelligence, Fundamental biology, Clinical and translational biomedicine, and Innovation.

In this Room members of the FEBS Network can watch the recordings of seven of those keynote speaker talks (register for free on the home page to join the FEBS Network). You can get more details on the speakers and the full program from the FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE 2022 conference site.

Click on each link to watch the recording:

Prof. Matteo Iannacone, San Raffaele Research Institute, Milan, Italy. Spatiotemporal dynamics of adaptive immune responses to pathogens and tumours.

Prof. José López-Barneo, Institute of Biomedicine of Seville, Seville, Spain. Molecular mechanisms of acute oxygen sensing by arterial chemoreceptors.

Prof. Fathia Mami-Chouaïb, INSERM, Gustave Roussy Institute, Villejuif, France. Relevance of CD8 T cells in immuno-oncology.

Dr. Joaquin Dopazo, Director of the Platform of Computational Medicine of the Progress and Health Foundation from the Andalusian Health System, Spain. Massive drug repurposing in rare diseases with a little help of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Dr. Laura Cancedda, Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, ItalyTreating neurodevelopmental disorders: the road is long & winding but biomedical research/technology can help.

Dr. Daphne Cabianca, Institute of Functional Epigenetics, Munich, Germany. Organizing the nucleus: Principles of spatial genome architecture by developmental and environmental cues.

Prof. Cesar de la Fuente, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA. Artificial Intelligence approaches for antibiotic discovery.

Please note that unfortunately Prof. Elena Papaleo, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, had to cancel her talk for unavoidable reasons.

Top image is from Prof. Cesar de la Fuente's talk

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