GBM Compact: Focus on Proteomics

The German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM) has redesigned its fall conference. From 2023 on, it will be a two-day focused meeting from "noon to noon", concentrating on one topic. This year they will start with “GBM Compact: Focus on Proteomics”.
GBM Compact: Focus on Proteomics

The GBM Fall Conference will take place from 5–6 September at the University Hospital at Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, in a new format under the new motto "GBM Compact" and with a methodological focus.

The meeting is planned annually with different topics. This year it will start with "Focus on Proteomics". In addition, the format is condensed "from noon to noon", with two half-days of excellent lectures with concentrated information at the highest scientific level.

The organizers Christian Münch (Frankfurt University), Albert Sickmann (ISAS Dortmund) and Volker Haucke (FMP Berlin) have put together a fantastic program with renowned speakers:

  • Pedro Beltrao, Zürich, CH
  • Tami Geiger, Revohot, IL
  • Kathryn Lilley, Cambridge, UK
  • Matthias Mann, Martinsried, DE
  • Nina Morgner, Frankfurt, DE
  • Jesper Olsen, Copenhagen, DK
  • Matthias Selbach, Berlin, DE
  • Charlotte Uetrecht, Siegen, DE
  • Bettina Warscheid, Freiburg, DE

Further speakers will be chosen from the abstracts.

More information is available on the conference websiteRegistration will open on May 15.

GBM Compact: Focus on Proteomics


September 5-6, 2023. Starting at 1 pm on Sept. 5th and ending at 1:30 pm at September 6th.


University Hospital Frankfurt, Goethe University
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, Building 22

Poster for the GBM Compact: Focus on Proteomics conference

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