FEBS Junior Section at the 2023 FEBS YSF and Congress

A couple of representatives of the FEBS Junior Section recently participated in the 2023 FEBS Young Scientists' Forum and FEBS Congress. Here's a brief flavour of the events.
FEBS Junior Section at the 2023 FEBS YSF and Congress

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We are thrilled to look back on the recent 22nd FEBS Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF) and 47th FEBS Congress, which took place in the historical city of Tours, France, on 6–8 July and 8–12 July 2023, respectively.

For the YSF, FEBS granted a selected group of young researchers from various fields of life sciences an excellent opportunity to showcase their outstanding work and make new connections all across Europe. Also, additional relevant topics for a research career were discussed, including insights into how to structure your CV, and on fellowships, publication ethics, the importance of education in science and the documentation of research results.

YSF 2023 group photo, Tours

Following the YSF, the participants went on to present their work in the form of posters and many also as short or speed talks at the larger FEBS Congress itself. Under the motto “Together in bioscience for a better future”, the Congress offered a diverse program that featured state-of-the-art research from experts of each field, ranging from structural biology and the protein life cycle over cellular metabolism and human disease to emerging technologies. The Congress was characterized by a strong collaboration with FEBS Press, i.e. The FEBS Journal, FEBS Letters, Molecular Oncology and FEBS Open Bio, which offer a proficient service by scientists for scientists to publish their research.

We were also happy to use the opportunity at these events to introduce the FEBS Junior Section to a wider audience as we aim to complement the many offers of FEBS to promote the careers of young scientists. A FEBS Junior Section T-shirt raffle was popular (see the crowd gathered for the raffle in the photo at the top of this post, and the winners below)! 

FEBS Junior Section T-shirt raffle winners, FEBS Congress 2023, Tours. From left to right: Adefunke Ogunniran, Daria Navrotska, Kien Lam Ung, Orsolya Ungvári, Alexander Röntgen (FEBS JS), Kity Požek, Sophie Bromberger, Vitoria Baptista, Zhiyu Zhou, Guilherme Gil Moreira.

We thank all the organizers from FEBS, the French Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SFBBM), and anyone who contributed to the planning and execution of the YSF and FEBS Congress.

For the next in-person FEBS events 'by and for young scientists', we are looking forward to the FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conference in Cologne, Germany, 23–25 November 2023, and next year's FEBS YSF, which will be held 26–29 June 2024 in Pavia, Italy, just before and in conjunction with the FEBS Congress in Milano, 29 June – 3 July 2024.

Image credits: photos from FEBS Congress and YSF organizers. 

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