Elisabetta Citterio brings together science and art with "STEM Passion"

Elisabetta Citterio brings together science and art with "STEM Passion"

The cliché of a scientist is a very bright and focused person, mostly male and occasionally mad, who is completely engrossed in his work in the laboratory and allows little time for anything else. However, when you get to know scientists more closely, a hidden world of talents is often uncovered. Elisabetta Citterio, until recently Associate Staff Scientist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Amsterdam, is not only a passionate molecular biologist who studies histone ubiquitination in haematopoietic stem cells and leukaemia, but also a gifted photographer.

Women are a driving force of scientific progress and an immense resource in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). While they are strongly present as students and researchers in the Life Sciences, only 20% reach high‐level decision‐making positions. Concerned with this disproportion, Elisabetta Citterio set out to make the stories and achievements of women in STEM more visible to the general public. On the occasion of her first photography exhibition entitled ‘STEM Passion – A journey inspired by Women in Science’, we have interviewed Dr Citterio for our Scientists’ Forum.

Read the full interview to discover how this project developed, what it means to Dr Citterio, and how her creativity took women in science one step further.

First published in FEBS Letters, 20 April 2020 

How to cite:

Ruffell, D. (2020), Elisabetta Citterio brings together science and art with "STEM Passion". FEBS Lett. doi:10.1002/1873-3468.13773

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