At the core of it: Core Technologies for Life Sciences

Whether you use research core facilities, you are core service provision and management staff, or you are interested in a career in core facilities, the Core Technologies for Life Sciences (CTLS) is a useful source of information, training, networking and support.
At the core of it: Core Technologies for Life Sciences

What is CTLS? 

Core Technologies for Life Sciences (CTLS) is an international non-profit association that brings together scientists, technical and administrative staff working across the world in core facilities, research infrastructures and other shared resource laboratories.

CTLS provides a platform to network, discuss emerging technologies and exchange information on best practices in service provision and management. It supports the professional development of its members throughout their careers by offering a wide range of training opportunities.

Why join CTLS?

By joining CTLS, you will join a large active community of core facility staff across the world. You will have the opportunity to participate in training schemes targeted at core facility staff such as the CTLS Mentoring Program and the CTLS Shadowing and Staff Exchange Program. You will also be able to attend the CTLS Congresses, held biennially, and gain access to specialist CTLS sponsored training courses and training webinars. 

Here is some more information on these many benefits:

CTLS Congresses

The next CTLS congress, CTLS2025, will be held face-to-face in Brno, Czech Republic in June 2025. This congress is free to all members and will include presentations, workshops, and an exhibition. It will be a great opportunity to network with and learn from fellow core facility staff. Check the CTLS2025 page on our website for updates! 

CTLS Shadowing & Staff Exchange Program

This program facilitates CTLS members visiting a different core facility in a different country. CTLS Members can apply for CTLS bursaries to support this. Shadowing will involve a CTLS member visiting a different core facility and spending time with another individual or team, learning new skills and developing professional networks. Staff Exchange is a two-way process between two CTLS members in different core facilities. For further details, see CTLS Shadowing and Staff Exchange under Resources on CTLS website or email [email protected].

CTLS Mentoring Program

This program connects mentors and mentees, bringing benefits to both. The list of the mentors available is on the CTLS Mentors webpage with details of their expertise from scientific fields to areas of core facility management. For further details, see CTLS Mentors under Resources on CTLS website or email [email protected].

Specialist training courses and training webinars

CTLS sponsors and promotes specialist courses for Core Facility staff, including CTLS Professional Development for Core Facility Staff courses. CTLS also hosts webinars and workshops on a broad range of topics, with CTLS members being able to watch recordings of previous webinars.

Look out for more information on by checking CTLS Webinars and Workshops and CTLS Courses under Events on the CTLS website.

Become a member

Become a member and enjoy these exclusive benefits… join online today by visiting the CTLS website!

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