Alzheimer's Disease in the Limelight

The latest special issue of FEBS Open Bio puts Alzheimer's Disease in the limelight, with four timely reviews focused on targeting and phosphorylation of tau, brain lipid metabolism, and microglia heterogeneity, as commissioned by the issue's Guest Editor Prof. Koji Yamanaka (Nagoya University).
Alzheimer's Disease in the Limelight

The February issue of FEBS Open Bio is focused on some of the latest developments in understanding and treating Alzheimer's Disease (AD) with four timely Reviews commissioned by Guest Editor Prof. Koji Yamanaka. In the first article, Sahara and Higuchi of National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology, Chiba, Japan, reviewed recent advances in tau biology, in vivo diagnostic imaging and the development of tau-targeted therapies. The second Review moves onto the structural diversity of tauopathy and its implication in disease and biomarkers, as reviewed by Kimura and Tomita of the University of Tokyo. In the third article, Kawade and Yamanaka of the University of Nagoya reviewed brain lipid metabolism in AD and its implication in oligodendrocyte abnormalities, an under-investigated aspect of AD. Finally, Dadwal and Heneka of the University of Luxembourg focused on microglia, innate immune cells in the brain and their heterogeneity in AD.

The issue cover was created by Katerina Douka, PhD (@kateRiNA_douka1 on X/@chesire_Kat_on Instagram) and shows some of the pieces of the puzzle that is the Alzheimer's disease brain.

We invite you to read the full issue here; the individual articles can also be accessed from the links below.

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