Adenoviruses: Biology, Disease and Therapy

A FEBS Letters Special Issue edited by Urs Greber
Adenoviruses: Biology, Disease and Therapy

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Both well‐known and emerging viruses increasingly affect humans and cause disease, sometimes with devastating impact on society. The viruses present in the biosphere are the top predators in the life chain, virtually without enemies, except perhaps the immune system, and harsh environmental physicochemical conditions restricting their dissemination. We know a lot about viruses, but do we know enough? This series of reviews is dedicated to adenoviruses (AdVs), a family of nonenveloped DNA viruses occurring in vertebrates, including humans. AdVs have been the focus of intense research for more than 67 years. Besides causing disease, they have immensely contributed to the advance of life sciences and medicine over the past decades. Recently, AdVs have been widely used as vehicles in gene therapy and vaccination. They continue to provide fundamental insights into virus–host interactions in cells, tissues and organisms, as well as systems and metabolic networks. This special issue of FEBS Letters presents a unique collection of 23 state‐of‐the‐art review articles by leading adenovirologists.

Read this enticing Editorial by Urs Greber and have a look at the full Special Issue on Adenoviruses: Biology, Disease and Therapy to find out all there is to know about Adenoviruses.


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