2020 World Cancer Day

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February 4th can hardly go unmarked as an international awareness day. The 20th anniversary since the establishment of the World Cancer Day by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) has brought along some important milestones. Earlier today, WHO has issued a press release to indicate that ‘if current trends continue, the world will see a 60% increase in cancer cases over the next two decades. The greatest increase (an estimated 81%) in new cases will occur in low- and middle-income countries, where survival rates are currently lowest’. In parallel, the European Commission has initiated an outreach on Europe’s Cancer Plan at an event in the European Parliament in Brussels, supported by the MEPs Against Cancer Interest Group. The presented Europe’s Cancer Plan will consider fostering actions that target every key stage of the disease: prevention (lifestyle, pollution, vaccination), diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

Indicatively, the European Commission has recently decided to fund a Cancer Mission in Horizon Europe, aiming to connect the cancer research continuum: from basic and preclinical research to clinical and prevention research, as well as to outcomes studies that boost social innovations. Moreover, the Cancer Mission aspires to eliminate inequalities across European countries in terms of research, education, prevention, and treatment.

In this setting, Molecular Oncology provides a platform for the dissemination of high-quality studies and policy articles from the broad cancer research continuum. To mark the message of this year’s World Cancer Day, Molecular Oncology presents a broad collection of recent open-access research-, review-, and policy articles that highlight the value of excellence, diversity, interdisciplinarity and equity for tackling cancer.

We welcome you to navigate through this collection, which you can find here: https://febs.onlinelibrary.wil...

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