The easiest ways to connect with your community: commenting & liking

It couldn't be simpler to connect with your fellow FEBS Network members. Here's how...
The easiest ways to connect with your community: commenting & liking

There are two simple ways in which you can engage with the FEBS Network community through its content items, allowing you to add your views and show your appreciation.    

First up, commenting:

Why & how to comment

The quickest and easiest way to contribute your expertise, opinion and questions to the FEBS Network is to comment.

Commenting is valuable because: 

  • It’s rewarding when someone comments on a piece someone has taken the time to create. They know people are listening
  • Comments are a very quick and easy way to contribute to the network
  • You can use comments to achieve lots of different things: 
    • Showing related expertise
    • Adding relevant additional content 
    • Supporting or (politely) arguing against a point
    • Sharing feedback and thanks for the contribution
    • Encouraging discussion

You can comment on all the content you see on the FEBS Network (post, video or document) in the Comments section, where you will see any existing comments and / or a space in which to enter a new comment.

The comment box, plus a previous comment & link to reply

You can reply to any existing comments, by clicking the 'Reply' icon.

Enter your comment in the box, adding any formatting required, and click the 'Post' button to submit your comment. You’ll be told that your comment is saved and it’ll appear, alongside your name and avatar.

The person whose content you have commented on - and the person whose comment you have replied to, if applicable - will get an email when your comment is posted.

Next, liking!

Why & how to 'like'

You can like any of the posts, videos, documents and answers to questions you see on the FEBS Network. As on other social media platforms, liking shows you like a piece of content and gets you noticed by the content creator: they receive an email when someone likes their content (provided they have opted to do so in their notification preferences). 

Use liking to thank the author for creating content, to show you've read or watched something, and to highlight content to others in the network. 

To like, simply click the 'Like' button that appears towards the top of the content. When you have done so, the button will turn green and your like will be counted.

The 'like' button

That's it! Why not make a start now by commenting on or liking your favourite piece of content on the network? Our contributors would love to hear from you.

This post was updated on 16/11/2023.

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