Science Alive techniques demonstration videos


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Following my talk at the ‘Evolving molecular bioscience education' conference in Chester, I was invited to upload my videos for teaching experimental techniques here. 

The QMUL Science Alive project is six professionally-filmed videos where postgraduate students at Queen Mary University of London demonstrate techniques in their lab setting that they use in their research. The videos are from 7 to 13 minutes long and some include customised animations. In my teaching, I typically assign the videos as homework for the students to supplement the lectures.

These videos were developed for my students on our joint programme with Nanchang Chinese University, but I am very glad to share them and hope they may be useful to others.

I would be happy to receive your thoughts on the videos, and how you might use them in your teaching.  I would also be very keen to collect feedback about them from other students or collaborate on an analysis of their use. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the videos or the project!

Greetings from London,


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