Education sessions at the 42nd FEBS Congress

For current and aspiring educators at #FEBS2017: don't miss the FEBS Special Session and Workshop covering trends and tips for delivery of 'practicals'

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What did you think of your undergraduate practical classes? This year at the 42nd FEBS Congress in Jersualem, the FEBS Education Committee is turning its attention to this important element of molecular and cellular life science degree courses. Talks in the Special Session on Monday September 11th will present recent experiences and developments for effective delivery of understanding and training through practicals, and there will be a chance for further exploration and discussion in a Workshop later in the day. The Special Session is also honoured with an opening lecture from Bruce Alberts, one of the authors of the textbook classic 'Molecular Biology of the Cell'.

FEBS Special Session on Education − Practicals in Molecular Life Sciences Education (Mon Sep 11, 15.00−17.00)
Chair: Gül Güner Akdogan, Izmir, Turkey
• Opening Lecture, Bruce Alberts, San Franciso, USA
• e-Biolabs, Gus Cameron, Bristol ,UK
• Wet practicals, Frank Michelangeli, Chester, UK and Jason Perret, Bruxelles, Belgium
• General discussion

FEBS Education Workshop − 'Practicals: Useful Tips' (Mon Sep 11, 18.30−19.30)
Special Session speakers and FEBS Education Committee members
Moderator: Gül Güner Akdogan
Bruce Alberts, Frank Michelangeli, Jason Perret, Gus Cameron and Winnie Eskild


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Would you like to have a resource of undergraduate practicals that have been tested and work?